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Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyles


Discover Over 100 Products Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyles

Metagenics is proud to support the millions of Americans who have decided to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. With our commitment to unsurpassed quality and transparent labeling, we are making it easier for you to follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

We offer over 100 vegetarian supplements that are also suitable for a vegan diet. From the start of development to manufacturing and production, we follow a strict quality assurance program to confirm that anything with our vegetarian label has zero ingredients derived from animals. It’s just one more way we’re always working to create the best products suitable for all lifestyles. What does this mean for you? Peace of mind that the reputable product you’re choosing fully lives up to its label.

The following products are vegetarian and suitable for a vegan lifestyle:

500-C Methoxyflavone™ 270T Adreset® 60C Adreset® 180C
Andrographis Plus® 30T Andrographis Plus® 90T ArginCor® (28 servings)
Arginine Plus™ with ActiFolate™ 120T Benesom® 60T BioSom® (cherry flavored) Spray
2 oz.
Black Cohosh Plus® 60T Blisphora® 30T Cal Apatite® Bone Builder® Vegetarian 90T 
Cal Apatite® Bone Builder® Vegetarian 270T  CandiBactin-BR® 90T CandiBactin-BR® 180T
Cardiogenics® Intensive Care 90T Cenitol® powder (30 servings) Chasteberry Plus® 60T
Cholarest SC® 60T Cholarest SC® 180T Chromium Picolinate 60T
Cortico-B5B6® 60T Cortico-B5B6® 180T Coratin®
E-400 Selenium™ 60T E-400 Selenium™ 180T EC Matrixx® 90T
Endura® lemon-lime powder (19 servings) silver label Endura® orange powder (19 servings) silver label Essential Defense® 30T
Estrovera® 30T Estrovera® 90T Exhilarin® 60T
EZ Flex® 60T Fem EstroPlex® 90T Fem EstroPlex® 270T
Fem Premenstrual® 60T Fibroplex® 120T Fibroplex® 240T
FolaPro® 60T FolaPro® 120T GinkgoRose™ 60T
Glutagenics® powder (60 servings) Glycogenics® 60T Glycogenics® 180T
Healthy Transformation Vegetable Soup powder (10 servings) Hemagenics® 60T Hemagenics® 180T
Herbulk® powder Natural Orange (30 servings) HerSynergy® 60T HisSynergy® 60T
Inflavonoid® 60 Caplet Inflavonoid® 180 Caplets Inflavonoid Intensive Care® 30T
Inflavonoid Intensive Care® 90T Insinase® 90T L-Carnitine 30T
Licorice Plus® 60T Lipo-Gen™ 90T Lipo-Gen™ 270T
Lipotain® 60T Lipotain® 180T Mag Citrate™ 120T
Mag Glycinate 120T Mag Glycinate 240T Meta I-3-C® 60C
Meta I-3-C® 180C Meta Lipoate® 300(mg) 60T MetaFiber® powder (38 servings)
MetalloClear® 180T Meta-Sitosterol™ 2.0 90T Mg/K Aspartate™ 60T
MitoVive™ (30 servings) Mycoferon® 1fl.oz. MyoCalm® 60T
MyoCalm® 180T MyoCalm P.M.® 60T MyoCalm P.M.® 180T
Mycotaki® 90T NanoCell-Q™ Liquid 150 ml / 5 fl.oz. Nazanol™ 30T
Niatain® 60T Niatain® 120T OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 300 Algae 60SG
Perimine® 60T Phytoganix® 150g Selestro®
Serenagen® 60T Serenagen® 180T SeroSyn™
Silymarin 80™ 90T SpectraSoy® 90T SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest 90C 
St. John`s Wort 60T SuperGarlic 6000® 90T Tran-Q® 60T
Tran-Q® 180T UltraFlora® Acute Care 30C UltraFlora® Baby Liquid 5.65 ml / 0.19 fl oz (21 servings) *New
UltraFlora® Balance 60C  UltraFlora® Balance 120C  UltraFlora® Children’s 60 Chewable tablets
UltraFlora® Children's 120 Chewable tablets UltraFlora® IB 30C UltraFlora® Immune Booster 30C
UltraFlora® Intensive Care 60C UltraFlora® Restore 30C UltraFlora® Spectrum 30C 
UltraFlora® Spectrum 60C UltraFlora® Synergy Powder VenaPlex® 60T
Zinc A.G.™ 60T Zinc A.G.™ 180T Zinc Tally™ liquid (12 servings)
Zinlori 75® 60T